Exquisite Animal Necklace, Assemblage of Reclaimed Elements, Upcycled Vintage Jewelry, Unique Piece, Statement Necklace, Animal Kingdom


This whimsical and eclectic necklace features an amazing assortment of unexpected vintage animal-themed treasures. It includes a headless leopard charm from the 1960s, a filigree butterfly adorned with rhinestones, a fish, a peacock, a goat's head with curved horns, a beautiful raccoon, and a charming sparkly dove holding a tiny olive branch. All these elements are attached to a Victorian-style embellished brass book decoration frame, combined with reclaimed gold and silver-tone chains of varying textures and styles.

Handmade in London

The chain measures approximately 44 cm around the neck, with an additional 11 cm extension. The necklace weighs about 188 grams.

This is an upcycled necklace made entirely from reclaimed (used, vintage, and antique) items, which typically show some signs of wear. Please refer to the images for condition and further details.