Maria Zureta was completely fearless, an outrageous brazen libertine, living a life devoid of restrain or composure. She was labeled amoral and depraved for her provocative clothing and was condemned to wander the streets forever, able to gain salvation only by providing protection for the mortals who involve her name.

Roberto Costa

Behind the Maria Zureta label is London based jewellery designer Roberto Costa. 

Roberto has always been fascinated by other cultures. He left his native country Brazil 30 years ago and has travelled extensively throughout America, Europe and Asia.

His creativity and interest in different cultures led him to explore the story and meaning in found vintage pieces and he started to collect reclaimed, broken materials, painstakingly gathering these from a variety of sources and reassembling them into renewed incarnations as necklaces, bracelets and headpieces.

Initially selling his unique handmade pieces in London’s Portobello Market, he later opened shop in Brick Lane Market and founded his own accessories label, Maria Zureta, evoking the spirit of the fearless, brazen libertine of 19th century Brazil. The Maria Zureta label has since featured in fashion editorials in various publications and is now available in boutiques across Europe, America and Japan.

Maria Zureta’s collections of handmade contemporary jewellery reflect an ideology of adaptation and re-use. Every necklace, headpiece and bracelet is a unique piece that encapsulates the sustainable spirit of our time.